11 Genius DIY Life Hacks For Summer.

There are Life hacks of all shapes and sizes. What they all have in common is that they all aim to make your life a little easier.
Here we've compiled a list of 11 best life hacks for summer that will make summer so much more enjoyable.

3. Use Aloe Vera for sunburn.

summer life hacks

Aloe Vera for sunburn is one of the most common known uses of this plant as well as for treating minor burns and skin irritations too. Buy some aloe vera gel, and freeze it. You can then wipe your face, arms, or back with it or wherever else you’ve received burns.
These plants are easily found in garden centers and even in some grocery stores.

1. Bread tag for flip flops.

summer life hacks

Attach a bread thong to the button on the back of the flip-flop and your flip-flops are new again. It's really easy.

2. Use natural yogurt to get rid of mosquito bites quickly.

summer life hacks

Natural yogurt can be used as mosquito bite treatment. Just scoop a spoonful of plain yogurt you have just taken from the fridge and put it on delicately to the area surrounding the bite. Natural yogurt has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities so you're going to get relief promptly.

4. Use armpit pads to hide sweat stains underarm.

summer life hacks

If you are sweaty too much and you want a quick-fix solution, then underarm sweat pads is the right way for you. armpit sweat pads are designed to be small, slim and not easy to notice from the others. However, This is a temporary solution. They do not cure anything,  actually they just conceal the appearance of wet marks on your shirt. They are very helpful for some special occasions such as a meeting or going on a first date.

5. Use an empty container to hide your valuables.

summer life hacks

When you’re on the beach, there’s often nowhere to put your valuables like cash, ID, phone and jewelry, and it’s not a good idea to leave them without anyone to watch over them. To fix this, clean out an old bottle of shampoo. cut a hole at the top of the bottle wide enough for your valuables to fit through, Now, you can put your money, keys and phone inside without worrying about losing or damaging them.

6. DIY make beach towel bag with pillow.

summer life hacks

This DIY project is very simple and easy, all you need is two towels and a pillow. Follow these step-by-step instructions HERE.

7. Use a cupcake liner as a Popsicle drip catcher.

summer life hacks

The weather is nice. So, it's time to eat a Popsicle, a lot of Popsicles. Unfortunately these sweets melt in no time and it quickly turns into a big mess. We have the solution: use an inverted cupcake holder to collect all the drops and avoid hands and sticky clothes. This saves moms a lot of time.

8. Remove sand with this clever trick.

summer life hacks

Use baby powder to remove wet sand from your skin before you leave the beach, Rub some on your wet, sandy skin will absorb the moisture and help the sand fall off. try it,  it works perfectly.

9. DIY project | Floating Drink Cooler.

summer life hacks

Keep your drinks close as you enjoy some pool time!
All you have to do is cut some pool noodles to length and secure them around the lip of a plastic tub.
Read the instructions HERE.

10. Protect your phone from water and sand.

summer life hacks

The easiest way to protect your phone from moisture and sand is using a Zip lock bag, Toss your phone in in a zip lock bag. Then, squeeze out to remove all the air from it, then seal the zipper shut. You’ll end up with a completely waterproof cover.

11. Use a mesh bag to avoid bringing the sand home.

summer life hacks

Sands falls out easily from mesh bags, and thus cleaning the things becomes quite easy, a few shakes is all it takes to keep that sand from following you home.
I do recommend getting one from Amazon.

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